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The committee having a meeting in Cashel Schoolhouse Self Catering on June 18th.

Cashel National School on the Kilkelly Road, Swinford was open in 1910 and although it is now closed the local population and immigrants intend to celebrate a centenary commemoration in August 2010.

The date for the celebrations are the 5th and 6th of August 2010 and a full program of events will be published in due course.

The local populations are urged to inform their relatives overseas of this event.

Cashel School served the communities of Kilbride, Carracanada, Derryronane, Cashel, Rawbawn, Curryane and Tullinahoo. Most of the past pupils immigrated to countries all over the world and everybody would be welcome to the Centenary celebrations to meet old friends.

A committee of past pupils was elected recently to organise the event;
 President;            Bridie Hughes(nee Neary)
 Vice President;     Berni Ansboro(nee Maloney) 087 2024788
 Secretary;           Teresa Foye(nee McDonnell)
 Assist Secretary;   Kathleen Jennings(nee Loftus)
 Treasurer;            Ann McGarry(nee Neary)
 Assist. Treasurer;   Marian Maloney(nee Justice)
 PRO.                    Paul & Eugene Maloney
Father Tom Grufferty, Curryane and England is Spiritual Director for the event.
This is a website for people to post their pictures, stories and memories on.
Anybody interested in taking out an advert on the website and sponsoring the event or indeed helping in any way can contact any of the above on the email address; This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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